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About Us


GIVE Leadership Institute, LLC was established to teach future leaders how to consistently achieve superior performance from others by focusing on their strengths and developing trust.

This mission reflects our founders' understanding of how inferior leadership can negatively affect the motivation and performance of employees and how to bridge a leader's vision with the execution and deliverables of all staff members.

GIVE Leadership Institute (GLI) aspires to revolutionize the practice of leadership for future generations. Our vision is to help future leaders thrive with an innovative organizational development model that blends the universal concepts of serving, humility and transparency, with proven strategies that leverage strengths, enable trust and avoid conflict in teams.

Our unique model and set of tools are designed to empower current and next generation leaders to maximize the collective performance of individuals and their teams. The value of our approach lies in teaching leaders how to identify and leverage strengths while developing trust with others. Concurrently, leaders become experts at avoiding conflict and growing their self-confidence so that they no longer perceive a need to resort to the inferior and detrimental bullying tactics that are so prevalent among ineffective managers and supervisors.

GLI is an organization dedicated to enhancing leadership in organizations both large and small. We deliver our organizational development model through creative uses of technology, which provides the foundation for a suite of products that allow audience members to access our tools at varied service levels that will accommodate any organization's budget.

As a founding member of GLI and a seasoned expert in the field of organizational development, Al Gonzalez has made a committment to offer consultation services that bring this body of innovative leadership tools and techniques to those organizations seeking the kind of results GLI was created to foster. For more information, visit Al's profile or contact us at your convenience.

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