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Al's Profile

Al GonzalezToo many times during his career, Al has experienced the devastating effects poor leadership can have on staff morale. Poor leadership is too often the cause of poor deliverables, too much conflict, and costly staff turnover.

As a person who loves to develop leaders, establishing trust and all its complexities has become Al's passion. His goal is to help future leaders learn how to develop trust-based organizational cultures that are free of fear and full of transparency, instead of full of fear and free of transparency.

Al has always had an interest in leadership and organizational development, or OD. Early in his career, Al had the opportunity to become an internal auditor as part of a prep team for his company’s Malcom Baldrige application. Developing an understanding of the Baldrige criteria of excellence was a great experience and gave him an appreciation of the importance of Organizational Development work and, more importantly, good leadership. In 2006, Al started working with the Organizational Development team at Cornell University to improve his own leadership skills. This partnership has inspired Al to apply multiple leadership tools with his teams over the last few years in an effort to improve the trust level in his teams and enhance the team's ability to consistently deliver quality projects.

Seeing the positive results these tools have brought to his teams, Al decided to combine all of the critical tools he has been implementing into the Trust Enabling Framework or TEF, in an effort to showcase the many elements leaders need to focus on in order to improve the quality level of their leadership. Leaders can learn many of these tools by reading best-selling books, while the other tools and techniques are introduced in this website.

After 16 years of experience applying these tools to real-life situations as a leader at organizations such as Motorola and CBS Sports as well as Cornell, Gonzalez co-founded GIVE Leadership Institute in 2010, an organization with a mission to help present and future generations of leadership better understand the need for change in the recognition of people as precious resources and equip them to develop truly sustainable teams.

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