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Al Gonzalez, co-founder of GIVE Leadership Institute, has been reaching many readers through a series of articles on some of the Internet's most significant leadership blogs, primarlily and  In fact, Al was named one of the 2011-2012 Top 10 Contributing Authors for an article dealing with negativity bias and the role of conflict management in sustainable leadership that was the 5th most-read post on that award-winning leadership blog this past year.

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Thousands of leaders from around the globe read About Leaders articles.  Their blog is a prominent feature on their site, which explains their work with organizations of all types and sizes (including GE, Exxon, Boeing, Bristol-Myers Squibb, the Red Cross, Searle amd the U.S. Department of Energy) to address their leadership challenges, at all levels. 

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Linked2leadership logo is considered by several rating services as one of the top 25 leadership blogs on the Internet with annual readership of over 100,000 visitors. The blog’s stated mission is to maintain and communicate the highest standards and disciplines involved in personal leadership effectiveness to help build, grow & develop other leaders.

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