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Foundational Safety, Vision Accomplished

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6 Steps to Sustainable Leadership, Step 3: Foundational Safety

Leadership Highlights:
  • We have been conditioned to jump into the goals and seldom take the time to get to know each other as people.

  • Investing on safety and trust will yield a strong safety zone. This is the foundation on which the strong team can blossom.

  • Considering the vast waste of valuable time that results from conflict, investing a little time to start relationships and a good foundation of safety and trust for the whole team is a wise investment.

  • Workplace bullying, a common issue in many organizations, can be addressed by management being clear about the value of trust and safety as it relates to the team's culture.


It is amazing to me how most teams are brought together and asked to accomplish extremely complicated goals without taking steps to develop a sense of trust among team members. I completely understand that factors beyond our control will often require leaders to quickly assemble teams to perform tasks in short periods of time. This is simply a reality of our professional lives. However, I have found that supervisors can anticipate this need and work proactively to develop foundational safety and a level of trust for their core team. The Step Ladder of Group Development, presented later in this article, is an effective way for leaders to introduce the principle of foundational trust and safety to their team members, colleagues and their management.

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