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Team Balance

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6 Steps to Sustainable Leadership, Step 2: Team Balance

Leadership Highlights:
  • A shared understanding of all team members' positive and negative traits is critical to developing trust.

  • An easy-to-remember personality traits tool is necessary.

  • All team members, including the supervisor, need to develop an understanding of how they can help their team members maximize their positive traits while minimizing their negative tendencies.

  • The team's personality mix should be documented and shared via an online tool like a website or shared document. Combined with the Team Strength dashboard, this will accelerate the learning process for team members.


I have learned a lot from instruments designed to help me understand my own personality types. Some of these personality type tools give results that are expressed as letter combinations such as ENTJ or ESTJ. Once these letter combination results are generated, books and other resources are required to help us remember what our letters mean, how to interact with people based on their letter combinations, etc. Other personality type tools are very simple and are based on labels like Lion, Warrior, Nurturer, or Teacher. I have learned a great deal from both of these different tools and recommend them for different purposes.

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