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Open Source Leadership

Al GonzalezWhile I firmly believe that anyone can lead, those who have people reporting to them should have a thorough understanding of what it takes to be a superior leader. My intent is to provide leaders with a sustainable leadership model that blends the universal concepts of serving, humility and transparency with proven strategies that leverage strengths, enable trust and manage conflict. To realize that vision, I share these principles and techniques freely and also provide custom, on-site coaching in a way that is far more accessible, effective and affordable than traditional leadership consulting firms.  


Skeptics Welcome!

I know firsthand how the claims about the benefits of organizational development (O.D.) – increased profitability, maximized employee retention and productivity, etc. – can fail to materialize. Over the past 15 years, I have been immersed in O.D. theory from the leaders in the field. I have tried numerous approaches and techniques, learning from mistakes and confronting the resistance and realities of the workplace. The result is a framework of time-tested organizational tools that help supervisors and their teams accomplish business objectives while continuously leveraging the natural talents of all staff members in an environment of trust and safety.

If you have experienced the consequences of ineffective leadership, take a closer look, kick the tires and try some of these tools. You can start using them at any time. This site is designed to give enough information to get any supervisor started, at no cost.


Ask Questions – Find Solutions

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the information on the site or contact me directly to find the link between O.D. theory and results. I would be honored to show you how to identify and utilize concepts that can help you avoid costly mistakes as radical changes continue to transform the workforce and the marketplace. More importantly, let me help you understand how to maximize the talents of your team to consistently meet or exceed expectations.

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