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After years of leading groups in organizations like Motorola, CBS Sports, and Cornell University, Al has developed a unique framework that can assist leaders at all levels improve the quality of their leadership. If you are interested in bringing his knowledge, experience and innovation in organizational development to your team, take advantage of his online and off-line consultation services.

After Al's Leadership Development Session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why a common language (to handle issues, develop trust, and ensure safety) is necessary to enable the team to consistently deliver great results

  • Identify, reference and proactively leverage each team member’s strength by using the team’s “strength dashboard”

  • Identify every team member’s positive and negative traits, as well as the team’s personality makeup

  • Establish feedback models that promote communication, identify sensitive issues, and proactively strengthen relationships

  • Explain the role we all play in developing conflict and how to diffuse it

  • Lead their teams away from conflict to enable consistent results

  • Establish a culture that is full of transparency and free of fear, instead of the opposite.

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