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Strengths Dashboard Website

One of the most effective tools GIVE Leadership Institute founder Al Gonzalez has used in the creation and maintenance of a Trust-Enabling Framework for his teams is a website that gives him a way to refer back to a team’s strengths and traits in a comprehensive, “at-a-glance” format.

Al recommends that once all team members' strengths are identified, the leader should capture this information and develop a way to provide this important information to all team members. Through the years, his teams have developed websites that contain this information. We call these websites the team's "Strengths Dashboard." The Strengths Dashboard is a valuable resource for developing a strategy based on the team members' natural strengths.

Once you have identified your team's strength's and personality types, you can can partner with GIVE to create a strengths dashboard website for your organization. This is a site that you can edit yourself in your browser as your team grows or changes. Click here for an example.

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